Sharing the Street Etiquette

Being safe and courteous will help make Open Streets a great experience for everyone.


Adapted from “Sharing the Streets Etiquette”, San Mateo Streets Alive,

All Participants

  • Be alert – be aware and respect the people around you.
  • Be courteous – ride with the flow and be patient with people moving at slower speeds. Slower traffic has the right of way.
  • If you stop for a short pause (on bike or walking), please move aside, out of traffic flow.
  • Be aware that some cars may be on the road, and yield to cars that are permitted to drive on the route.
  • Be respectful of private property.
  • Properly throw trash away in garbage and recycling containers along the route.
  • Participants are asked to not wear headphones or use cell phones while on wheels of any kind.
  • Be safe and have fun!

Cyclists, Skaters & Boarders

  • Please avoid riding on the multi-use path. This is your day to enjoy the road without automobiles!
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way – bikers, skaters and boarders must yield to pedestrians.
  • Be courteous of children and older adults – whether they are on bike or foot – ride slowly and carefully when they are present.
  • Pass safely: look and signal before changing lanes, use a bell, or say “on your left.”
  • Obey posted traffic signs and regulations.
  • Be mindful to ride in a straight line, and please, no sudden turns.
  • Always ride in the direction of traffic. Keep on the right, pass on the left.
  • Wear a helmet. It’s the law for bikers under the age of 18 in California (Vehicle Code Div. 11 Chap. 1 Art. 4 Section 21212).

Walkers & Joggers

  • Be aware of cyclists and other “wheeled” participants.
  • Don’t suddenly turn into the path of a cyclist, please look around first.

Dog Walkers

  • Keep dogs on a short leash at all times
  • Please clean up after your pet